Nikita / Marie Clément

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Nikita is the title character and the protagonist of the 1990 French film "La Femme Nikita," directed by Luc Besson. Nikita, played by Anne Parillaud, is a troubled young woman who is sentenced to life in prison after committing a violent crime.

Nikita is then recruited by a secret government agency to become an assassin, with the promise of a new life and identity. She undergoes intense training and transformation, physically and mentally, to become a skilled killer. Initially resistant and rebellious, Nikita gradually accepts her new life as an agent and develops a complex relationship with her mentor, Bob (played by Tchéky Karyo).

Throughout the film, Nikita struggles to reconcile her violent past with her new identity as a government agent. She also forms a romantic relationship with another agent named Marco (played by Jean-Hugues Anglade), which further complicates her situation.

Nikita is known for her strength, resilience, and defiance of traditional gender roles and expectations. The character has been praised for her complexity and depth, as well as for Parillaud's nuanced and compelling performance.