Pam Bouvier is a fictional character in the 1989 James Bond film "Licence to Kill," played by American actress Carey Lowell. In the film, Pam is a former CIA informant who assists Bond in his mission to take down drug lord Franz Sanchez (Robert Davi).

Initially, Pam and Bond have a rocky relationship, as she is skeptical of his abilities and motives. However, as they work together to infiltrate Sanchez's inner circle, Pam proves herself to be a skilled and resourceful ally. She provides Bond with crucial intelligence, helps him escape from dangerous situations, and even engages in a shootout with Sanchez's henchmen.

Throughout the film, Pam is portrayed as a strong and independent character, who is more than capable of holding her own in the dangerous world of espionage and international crime. She also develops a romantic relationship with Bond, although their partnership is often tested by their conflicting personalities and agendas.

Pam Bouvier is considered one of the more memorable Bond girls in the series, due to her tough and assertive demeanor, as well as her chemistry with Dalton's Bond. Her character was praised for breaking the mold of traditional Bond girls, who were often portrayed as passive and submissive.