Molly Prior is a fictional character in the 1976 film "The Eagle Has Landed", based on the novel of the same name by Jack Higgins. In the film, Molly is played by Jenny Agutter and is a young woman living in a small English village during World War II.

Molly is depicted as a kind and courageous person who becomes involved in the film's central story of a German plot to kidnap Winston Churchill. She forms a close relationship with the German paratrooper, Steiner (played by Michael Caine), who is leading the mission, and ultimately helps to thwart the plot. Throughout the film, Molly is depicted as being resourceful, brave, and fiercely loyal to her country and her family, and she plays an important role in the film's dramatic climax.

Jenny Agutter's performance as Molly is notable for her natural and nuanced portrayal of a complex and determined character. She brings depth and emotional impact to the role, and her performance is widely regarded as one of the highlights of the film.