Dana Scully is a fictional character and one of the lead characters in the "X-Files" franchise, which includes the original television series (1993-2002, 2016-2018) and two feature films (1998, 2008). She is played by Gillian Anderson.

Dana Scully is a medical doctor and a FBI special agent assigned to work with her partner Fox Mulder (played by David Duchovny) on the X-Files, a series of unexplained and often paranormal cases. She is depicted as being skeptical, scientific, and logical, and her views often contrast with Mulder's more mystical and conspiratorial perspectives. Despite her initial reluctance, she becomes deeply involved in the X-Files cases and often helps Mulder uncover the truth behind the mysteries they investigate.

Throughout the series, Scully is depicted as a strong, intelligent, and resourceful woman who is not afraid to challenge authority and question conventional wisdom. She is also a complex and layered character who is grappling with personal demons, including the loss of her daughter and her own experiences with the supernatural. Gillian Anderson's portrayal of Scully is widely regarded as one of the defining performances of the series, and her character remains one of the most iconic figures in science fiction and popular culture.