Saint-Exmin is a character in the 1980 science fiction film "Battle Beyond the Stars". She is played by Sybil Danning and is a warrior from the planet Akir.

Saint-Exmin is portrayed as a skilled and fearless fighter who joins Shad's team to help him defeat the evil warlord Sador. She is a fierce and powerful character, capable of taking down enemies with her martial arts skills and her laser rifle.

Aside from her combat abilities, Saint-Exmin is also known for her beauty and her flirtatious nature. She is shown to have a romantic interest in Cowboy, the space cowboy played by George Peppard, and often uses her charm to get what she wants.

Throughout the film, Saint-Exmin's character develops as she learns more about the values of teamwork and cooperation. She initially acts impulsively and independently, but she eventually learns to work together with Shad and the other members of the team.

Overall, Saint-Exmin is a memorable character in "Battle Beyond the Stars" known for her fierce combat skills, her beauty, and her development as a character over the course of the film.