Vanessa Kensington is a fictional character in the 1997 comedy film "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery." She is played by British actress Elizabeth Hurley.

In the film, Vanessa is a British intelligence agent and the daughter of Austin Powers' former partner, who was also a spy. Vanessa is assigned to help Austin adapt to the world of the 1990s and stop the villainous Dr. Evil from carrying out his evil plans. Vanessa is initially wary of Austin's outlandish behavior and outdated fashion sense, but she eventually develops a close relationship with him.

Throughout the film, Vanessa is portrayed as intelligent, competent, and independent. She is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and is shown to be a valuable asset to the British intelligence agency. At the same time, Vanessa is also shown to be a foil to Austin's over-the-top behavior, often bringing him back down to earth and reining in his more outrageous tendencies.

Vanessa is a strong and capable character, and her relationship with Austin provides a central plotline in the film. Their romantic tension builds over the course of the story, culminating in a climactic dance sequence set to the song "The Look of Love." Vanessa's character has been praised for her wit, intelligence, and chemistry with Austin, and Hurley's performance in the role has been widely acclaimed.