Annie Laurie Starr

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Annie Laurie Starr is the lead female character in the 1950 film noir "Gun Crazy", portrayed by Peggy Cummins. Annie is a sharpshooter in a traveling carnival, and she is introduced to Bart Tare (played by John Dall), a young man with a fascination for guns, when the carnival comes to town.

Annie is initially presented as confident and flirtatious, with a cool and calculating demeanor. She quickly becomes romantically involved with Bart and introduces him to her world of guns and shooting, stoking his fascination with firearms and violence. As the two embark on a crime spree across the country, Annie emerges as the more dominant and dangerous partner, taking charge of their robberies and planning their heists.

Despite her criminal tendencies, Annie is also portrayed as vulnerable and deeply troubled. She has a history of being used and abused by men, and she sees Bart as a kindred spirit who understands and shares her fascination with guns. Her desire for power and control is ultimately what drives her to continue robbing and killing, even as the couple's criminal exploits spiral out of control.

Throughout the film, Annie is a complex and dynamic character, with Cummins' performance being widely praised for its intensity and complexity. Annie Laurie Starr is regarded as a classic femme fatale, a dangerous and seductive character who captivates and ultimately destroys those who are drawn to her.