Vanessa Lutz

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Vanessa Lutz is the main character in the 1996 film "Freeway," portrayed by Reese Witherspoon. Vanessa is a troubled, street-smart teenager who has grown up in poverty and has had a difficult life. She is tough, outspoken, and fiercely independent, but also vulnerable and sensitive.

At the beginning of the film, Vanessa is arrested for prostitution and drug possession and is sent to a juvenile detention center. She sees this as an opportunity to turn her life around and get a fresh start, but she soon discovers that the system is not designed to help her. Frustrated and disillusioned, she decides to run away and return to her grandmother's house, which is her only source of stability and love.

As Vanessa makes her way back home, she encounters Bob Wolverton, a seemingly kind and gentle man who offers to give her a ride. But it soon becomes clear that Bob is not who he appears to be, and Vanessa must use all of her street smarts and survival skills to outwit him and stay alive.

Throughout the film, Vanessa displays incredible resilience, courage, and resourcefulness, even in the face of overwhelming adversity. Despite the terrible things that have happened to her and the obstacles she faces, she never loses her sense of humor, her compassion for others, or her determination to survive and thrive.