Violet Song Jat Shariff

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Violet Song Jat Shariff, played by Milla Jovovich, is the main character in the 2006 science fiction action film "Ultraviolet". She is a former infected who has become a powerful warrior with superhuman abilities as a result of the disease that she was infected with.

Violet is a complex and conflicted character who is seeking revenge against the organization that turned her into a weapon while also protecting a young boy who has been targeted by the government. She is a skilled fighter with enhanced speed, strength, and agility, and is willing to risk everything to protect those she cares about.

Throughout the film, Violet struggles with the moral implications of her actions and the consequences of her past. She is haunted by her past as a soldier and her involvement with the organization that turned her into a weapon. Despite her tough exterior, Violet is also shown to have a vulnerable side, particularly in her relationship with the young boy she is protecting.

Milla Jovovich's performance as Violet is a highlight of the film, as she brings a combination of strength, vulnerability, and emotional depth to the character. Violet's story in "Ultraviolet" reflects the themes of identity, morality, and sacrifice, which are common in science fiction and action films.