Blake's 7 (1978)

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"Blake's 7" is a British science fiction television series that aired on the BBC from 1978 to 1981. The show was created by Terry Nation, who is also known for creating the Daleks in "Doctor Who."

The series is set in a distant future in which the galaxy is ruled by the ruthless Terran Federation, a totalitarian regime that uses a secret police force to maintain its power. The series follows a group of rebels led by Roj Blake, a former political dissident who was brainwashed by the Federation and now seeks to overthrow it.

The other members of Blake's group include Kerr Avon, a computer expert and former criminal; Jenna Stannis, a smuggler and pilot; Vila Restal, a skilled thief and lock-picker; and Olag Gan, a former soldier. Together, they pilot a stolen spacecraft called the Liberator, which has been modified with advanced technology that gives them an edge over the Federation's forces.

The show was known for its gritty, dystopian setting and its exploration of themes such as authoritarianism, freedom, and morality. It also featured groundbreaking special effects and an emphasis on character development that was rare for science fiction television at the time.

"Blake's 7" was a critical and commercial success during its run, and it has since become a cult classic among science fiction fans. Despite its relatively short run, the show has had a lasting impact on the genre and has influenced a number of later science fiction series, including "Farscape" and "Firefly."