Wyoming Renegades (1955)

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"Wyoming Renegades" is a Western film released in 1955. It was directed by Fred F. Sears and starred Phil Carey, Gene Evans, and Martha Hyer.

The movie follows a group of Confederate soldiers who have been released from prison after the end of the Civil War. They travel to Wyoming, hoping to start new lives as cattle ranchers. However, they soon discover that a corrupt businessman, Frank Madden (played by Myron Healey), is attempting to drive all the local ranchers off their land.

The former soldiers, led by Captain John Delmont (played by Phil Carey), decide to help the local ranchers fight back against Madden and his gang. They team up with a local woman, Susan Fleming (played by Martha Hyer), and her father to stand up to the criminals and restore justice to the area.

The film features classic Western themes such as frontier justice, honor, and redemption. It also includes a number of action-packed scenes, including shootouts and horseback chases.

Overall, "Wyoming Renegades" is an entertaining example of a classic Western film, with a strong ensemble cast and an exciting storyline that keeps audiences engaged.