Gun Crazy (1950)

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"Gun Crazy" is a classic film noir released in 1950, directed by Joseph H. Lewis and starring Peggy Cummins and John Dall. The film follows the story of Bart Tare (played by John Dall), a young man with a fascination for guns and a history of trouble with the law. He falls in love with Annie Laurie Starr (played by Peggy Cummins), a sharpshooter in a traveling carnival, and the two embark on a crime spree across the country.

The film has been praised for its stylish direction, sharp dialogue, and gripping performances by Cummins and Dall. It also features a number of iconic and memorable scenes, including a famous bank robbery sequence that was shot in one continuous take.

At its core, "Gun Crazy" is a character study of two lovers whose obsession with each other and with guns leads them down a path of destruction. The film explores themes of violence, addiction, and the corrupting influence of power, and has been noted for its subversive take on gender roles, as Annie Laurie emerges as the dominant and more dangerous partner in the relationship.

Despite being a critical and commercial success upon its release, "Gun Crazy" is now considered a somewhat overlooked gem of the film noir genre, revered by film enthusiasts for its striking visuals, tense storytelling, and complex characters.